2023 Montana State Doubles Disc golf Championship: Preview

Today, we're excited to bring you a preview of the Montana State Doubles Disc Golf Championships 2023, set to take place in Billings, Montana, and hosted by Disc Golf Billings. This event promises an exciting weekend of fierce competition.

The Hosts: Disc Golf Billings, Disc Golf Billings is the driving force behind this fantastic tournament, showcasing their dedication to fostering the sport in Billings and beyond.

The Venue: Pioneer Park Disc Golf Course The epicenter of this championship is the renowned Pioneer Park Disc Golf Course in Billings, known for its unique layout, combining holes from both the summer and winter configurations. Expect a thrilling experience with varying elevations and challenging wooded areas.

The Teams: Montana's Elite Montana's top disc golf players from Missoula, Bozeman, and Billings will be in attendance, ensuring a high-stakes and thrilling competition.

Some of the top MPO teams to watch out for are:

Big Disc Energy - Sawyer Bracy & Steven Carreiro

CD^2 - Cal Davis & Cody Davis

The McCoy Connor Fan Club - Rayce Compton & Tucker Stratton

The Swayze Express - Jake Rogozinski & Jeff Syc

White Bush - Gregory Bush & Seth White

Final Thoughts The Montana State Doubles Disc Golf Championships 2023 is gearing up to be a sensational event, whether you're a disc golf enthusiast or just looking for an exciting weekend activity. As the championship unfolds at Pioneer Park in Billings, stay connected with Top Tier Disc Golf for all the live action and updates. We'll be your guide through a weekend of disc golf excellence in beautiful Montana.

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