Glow League Pioneer Park - Disc Golf Billings

Disc Golf Billings' Glow League Lights Up the Night at Pioneer Park!

The inaugural night of Disc Golf Billings' Glow League, held every Tuesday at 6pm, kicked off in style at Pioneer Park. While the sun was still setting, the anticipation was palpable.

Despite the windy conditions that had prevailed throughout the day, the excitement was not dampened. The participants, both new and seasoned, embraced the challenge, making it a night to remember.

The league's unique feature is its rotating locations. We'll be taking our skills to Pioneer, EBC, Hilner, and High Sierra in the coming weeks. Disc Golf Billings, the local club, is the driving force behind this exciting event.

One highlight of the evening was the debut of nine brand-new LED lights, which added a fantastic glow to the baskets, making each hole a thrilling challenge. Sixteen players turned up for the league, and it was a closely contested game. In the end, a steady score of -2 secured the win.

As we look forward to the next event at EBC, the buzz and enthusiasm are building. Join us under the glow of the LED-lit baskets and become a part of the dynamic disc golf community in Billings. Don't miss out on the action - see you on the course next Tuesday at 6 pm!

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