Embrace the Chill: Unveiling Winter Wizards - Billings' Premier Disc Golf League

Greetings, disc golf aficionados! As the crisp winter winds weave through the towering pines of Pioneer Park in Billings, Montana, a dedicated group of players gathers every Saturday morning, their discs ready, spirits high, for the enchanting spectacle that is Winter Wizards – the winter league crown jewel of Top Tier Disc Golf.

A Winter Wonderland of Disc Golf

Nestled in the heart of Pioneer Park, the Winter Course, masterfully crafted by none other than Sawyer Bracy, the visionary behind Top Tier Disc Golf, beckons disc golfers from far and wide. Bracy's layout is a symphony of challenges, excitement, and forgiveness, creating an experience that has become a beloved ritual among the local disc golf community and even attracts visitors seeking the thrill of a winter round in Billings.

Saturday Mornings at Pioneer Park: The Gathering

The magic begins at 9 am, but the fervor is palpable as early as 8 am. Disc golfers, wrapped in layers to combat the Montana cold, converge on the east side of the park near the north tennis courts. Laughter mingles with the rustling of winter leaves as old friends reconnect and newcomers find their place in this tight-knit community.

More Than a League: A Disc Golf Extravaganza

Winter Wizards is more than just a league; it's a celebration of the disc golf spirit. Open to everyone and free to play, it embodies the essence of friendly competition and camaraderie. But, if you're craving a little extra action, there are side games aplenty.

For a mere $20, snag one of our coveted bag tags – a ticket to a world of opportunities. Weekly CTP (Closest to the Pin) prizes, a league-long handicap payout pool, a chance at the ace pot, and a cash CTP at the end of each week await those with the coveted tags. It's not just a tag; it's your passport to a season of thrilling disc golf adventures.

Tag Trades and Thirsty Nights

Bag tags aren't just a status symbol; they're a currency of camaraderie. Every week, the Winter Wizards league transforms into a bustling marketplace for tag trading. And if that's not enough, take your tag to the Monday night Putting League at Thirsty Street Brewing, where the tag exchange continues, and the community grows stronger.

Side Games Spectacle

Dive into the fray of side games for just $5 each week. It's an all-inclusive pass to a world of challenges and rewards, a chance to hone your skills and perhaps discover some hidden talents.

For the Love of the Game

Winter Wizards is more than a competition; it's an ode to the love of the game. Top Tier Disc Golf has crafted an experience where seasoned veterans and newcomers alike can revel in the thrill of a winter round. So, grab your discs, bundle up, and join us every Saturday for a disc golf experience like no other.

In the world of Winter Wizards, everyone's a winner. See you on the course!

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